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How to Invest in a Volatile Market

One of the biggest questions right now is how do I invest in such a volatile market? Many struggle with this and often times end up on the losing side of the trade. But, what if there was a way to know exactly what was coming before it happened? Is it even possible? Yes it is! In this article, we're going to give you a quick explanation on how this is possible and exactly how to do so.

Wall Street's billionaires rarely face the problem of not knowing what's coming next, no matter the market conditions, but how is this so? They have access to insider information that isn't available to the general public and position themselves to make a profit before the average trader even recognizes the ongoing move. This is called insider trading and even though it's extremely ILLEGAL, it happens every single day, making these insider traders millions upon millions. But, somehow only a few get caught committing this corrupt crime. You may be asking, how is this fair? The answer to that question is one you might not want to hear. The stock market isn't fair! It's actually a very corrupt industry and the odds are stacked very highly against you. Unless you have access to the same information as the insiders (which is illegal), it's extremely hard to keep your head above water and trade profitably. Like we said earlier, these insiders position themselves and scoop up all the profits before the average trader can even recognize the move occurring in whatever stock it may be. They know about the move days, sometimes even weeks, before it happens. Then, by time the average trader gets into the trade themselves, there are minimal profits left to be taken. To sum that all up, Wall Street's insiders illegally rake in all the profits, leaving us "small guys" to fight for the scraps, no matter the market conditions. There are many examples of insider trading, even just in the past few months. Below is a headline from CNBC regarding one of the the latest cases:

"SEC warns on coronavirus insider trading after stock sales by NYSE chair, his wife Sen. Loeffler, 3 other senators."

Now, we know how insiders can use insider information to manipulate the system to get the biggest returns. But, since this is extremely illegal, they try to hide these trades as best as possible and fly under the radar of the SEC. Where could they hide such obvious trades? Options! Not only do they hide these trades by buying options for a stock, but this also gives them the potential to see returns of 100%, 500% and even 1,000% in a matter of days, sometimes even hours! They do this because it's much harder for the SEC to track insider trading in options than in actual shares of a company. Over the years, these insiders have become very skilled at executing their hidden trades without getting caught, giving them the edge over the market.

We are at a clear disadvantage. What can we do about this? Is there a way to level the playing field and give ourselves a chance to obtain substantial returns day after day, no matter the market conditions, like these insiders? There is a way! We can use the insiders to OUR advantage! Here at Underground Options we've developed a way to do exactly that! Using our proprietary scanner, we track down the smart money placed in options by insiders and as soon as our scanner picks up these trades, we immediately take action, informing our members via text of the insider trades. We give our members access to the same trades these insiders receive day after day, LEGALLY, helping reduce the risk of trading in such a volatile market. We don't need insider information, all we have to do is recognize the actions of these insiders and execute accordingly.

Where should you be investing your money in such a volatile market? You should be investing in options and following the actions of the insiders who have all the news weeks before the rest of the world and see returns that would usually take a lifetime of investing to see within days!

Together, let's profit from Wall Street and start trading with the market in OUR favor!

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