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What People Say

Dollar Notes

Erika M.

We have almost doubled our original investment from our starting point 1 month ago. Such a blessing! Wish we would have been doing this years ago!

Dollar Notes

Adrianne S.

If you are thinking about getting into trading options, I’ve had some great success with Underground Options!

Our Setup

What We Offer

We provide our members the opportunity to take part & profit in some of the biggest option trades on Wall Street before the news, before the move, and before everyone else rushes in just to find out....they're too late.

Day after day, bull or bear market, we are providing our members with double digit to QUADRUPLE digit returns---all by using our proprietary scanner to track down, expose, and play the smart money---giving our members access to Wall Street's secret "underground trading room" of endless, profitable returns.

How It Works

Underground Options is designed for every trader, beginner to expert. Our process is extremely easy for our members to follow and apply to their trading careers. Our process is as follows: 

Once our proprietary scanner alerts us of the smart money being placed into the options of a certain stock, we immediately send our members a real time text alert to their mobile device and post the same alert in our members only trading room/Discord.


Our members are given an edge over the average trader and the opportunity to get in at the same time and price as Wall Street's best.

Our Commitment

Here at Underground Options, we are fully committed to putting our members first and making their trading career as simple and profitable as possible.


We provide them with only the most profitable alerts, along with a high quality and user friendly experience.

Why We Trade the Way We Do






Our Returns

Everyday, Wall Street insiders are placing insane amounts of money into the options market, hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions, per trade!


They do this because these elite few have information that the general public doesn’t have access to. They know the upcoming moves and have already profited before the rest of the world even considers jumping into the same trade. This is how these insiders make billions of dollars a year, leaving the 99% in their tracks. 


The moves by these insiders give us an opportunity to do exactly what they do and see the same returns! This is why we expose these insider's trades, by giving our members access to the trades.


Thus, by trading like these insiders, we're able to capture wins such as 50%, 100%, 500%, even 1000% in the matter of days! We help our members step out of the ordinary path of the common trader and give them the ability to "Trade like the 1%."

Some of the following returns are from actual members.


We expose the smart money trades placed by Wall Street insiders by alerting our members via text.

Our members are given the opportunity to place the same trades as Wall Street's best and get into the trades before the move. 

Profit on the same trades as Wall Street's biggest and best, with a huge rate of success and exponential returns. One thing we know is, Wall Street never loses.

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